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Exiled From Hell is proud to offer Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar sales runs.  We offer a number of packages and can negotiate custom packages to suit your needs.  Our prices are designed to be competitive with other sales runs out there, so you can be sure you are getting a good quality value for your gold.  If you are interested in scheduling a run, have questions about any of our packages, or if you have questions about a custom package, please contact Sinthetik via ingame mail on the Runetotem US server or via our forums at 

In the body of your sales run request please include the following information.
Name/class/spec of your character.  Our raid times are 10am-2pm CST Wed/Thurs/Fri/Mon, and you can expect your sales run to occur sometime in this time frame.  If you have a special request please include that in your query.  We will schedule a brief meeting to discuss the terms and finalize the sale before the run takes place.  Any additional questions should be asked at this time.

You will need to have at least a way to hear our voice chat, though we do not require you to talk if you do not wish to.  We do ask that you listen and follow our instructions, as to ensure a smooth efficient run for you.  It is not unusual for us to ask someone to go die in a corner, so that you do not impact our strategy for clearing the content quickly and smoothly.

14/14 heroic clear - 300k gold (includes title "Hellscream's Downfall")
14/14 heroic clear + Garrosh exclusive heroic mount - 450k
14/14 heroic clear + Loot - 500k (We have some Heroic WF trinkets/Weapons on reserve)
14/14 heroic clear + Garrosh exclusive heroic mount + Loot - 650k
Garrosh heroic Kill + Garrosh exclusive heroic mount - 250k (choice of loot off garrosh) 300k

Again, please contact Sinthetik via ingame mail or on our forums at for queries!  Looking forward to working with you.
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